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My First Craft Beer Dinner Experience

Q the Cruzan Foodie - August 16, 2015

A winning combination of locally brewed craft beer and a thoughtfully curated menu was the result of my first beer dinner experience at Tucker Duke’s Lunchbox in Deerfield Beach, FL. Voted as South Florida’s #1 Craft Burger & Craft Beer joint, this restaurant is the brain child of Florida native and recent tw0-time winner of Food Network’s “Cutthroat Kitchen”, Brian Cartenuto. Tucker Duke’s launched their …

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Wining & Dining in Plantation – Vienna Cafe & Wine Bar

Q the Cruzan Foodie - April 17, 2014

After more than a decade in the restaurant business, it’s no surprise that Vienna Café & Wine Bar is food done right! Located off of State Road 84 between Nob Hill Road & Pine Island Road in the Pine Island Plaza, this hidden gem in Plantation takes you on an “epicurean excursion to Europe without leaving the USA.” Upon entering this first class establishment, you …

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